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ACOPOWER LiONCooler Pro Portable Solar Fridge Freezer——30L,40L,50L

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ACOPOWER LiONCooler Pro Portable Solar Fridge Freezer——30L,40L,50L

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Multiple Capacity Options
LiONCooler Pro offers three capacity options to meet your needs. Tailor your cooling requirements with precision – whether you're planning a solo venture or a group excursion. Choose the 50L model for extended RV trips.
30L capacity
20 * 500 ml cans
30 * 355 ml bottles
40L capacity
28 * 500 ml cans
53 * 355 ml bottles
50L capacity
37 * 500 ml cans
62 * 355 ml bottles
Up to 12 Hours of Cooling with Battery
Rapid Cooling
LiONCooler Pro rapidly cools from -20°C (-4°F) to 20°C (68°F) in only 20 minutes.
Power Your Fridge on the Go
Solar Charging
Eco-friendly & Reliable charging for limited-energy conditions.
DC Charging
Efficient charging with a standard 12/24V DC adapter.
AC Charging
Charge anywhere with a 100V-240V AC adapter—home, car, or outdoors.
Charge Your Fridge and More
With a 193Wh detachable Lithium-ion battery, LIONCooler stays cool for up to 10 hours and fully charges with just 4-6 hours of charging, ensuring your goods stay chilled when you need them most.
Extended Cooling Durability
With a 12-hour cooling capability, your refreshments are kept at an ideal chill to enjoy anytime, ensuring peak freshness from sunrise to sunset.
Power Your Devices
The LiONCooler isn't just for food and drinks; it can also power your devices, making it the ultimate outdoor companion.
LED Lighting
Built-in LED light designed for the great outdoors, providing you with reliable lighting during unforeseen situations or nighttime adventures.

Two Options. Double the Joy

Fridge With the Battery Fridge Without the Battery
No Ice, No Mess
Forget those messy coolers that require ice to keep everything cold. With the high-quality DC Compressors, LiONCooler Pro offers you a dry, smart and reliable freezer experience.
Dry and Clean
Soggy and Soaked
Smart APP Control
Adjust the temperature remotely using its free Bluetooth app, compatible with iOS or Android.
Handy Features
Tie-down Straps Tie-down Straps
Tie-down Straps
Transport extra
Removable <br class="-hide-pc">Insulation Cover Removable <br class="-hide-pc">Insulation Cover
Insulation Cover
Double as a food prep
Telescope Handle Telescope Handle
Telescope Handle
Easy to carry and
move around
Bottle Opener Holder Bottle Opener Holder
Bottle Opener Holder
Quick & easy access
to drinks
All-terrain Wheels All-terrain Wheels
All-terrain Wheels
Prevent the risk
from getting stuck
Accessory Pouches Accessory Pouches
Accessory Pouches
Extra storage space
Rated Current for DC
Freezer Running Time with Power Bank
5-12h (12H at 32'F/0℃)
Car Charging Input
DC 12V/8A
Solar Panel Charging Input
DC 12-36V/10A
USB Output
Lowest Temperature
Solar Charging
Fully Charge in 4 Hrs with 105w/Foldable Solar Suitcase
Low Energy Consumption
【30L】29.6 lb (13.42Kg) 【40L】32.8 lb (14.9Kg) 【50L】34 lb (15.44Kg)
25.1x15.9x15.7 in
25.1x15.9x20 in
(638 x405x509mm)
25.1x15.9x22.8 in
(638 x 405x 580mm)


User Manual & Quick Start Guide
How does the ice-free portable solar freezer work?

Our solar freezer utilizes advanced cooling technology that harnesses the power of the sun to maintain a cold temperature without the need for ice. Solar panels convert sunlight into energy stored in battery , powering the cooling system and ensuring your items stay cold.

Can the solar freezer operate without direct sunlight?

While direct sunlight is ideal for optimal performance, our solar freezer can still function on cloudy days or in partially shaded areas. The built-in battery ensures continuous operation even when sunlight is limited.

How long does it take to charge the solar freezer?

If the battery is installed in the refrigerator, it will be charged with an AC adapter for about 4.5 hours; if it is charged with a 90w solar panel, it will take about 5~6 hours

How long can the solar freezer keep items cold?

The duration of cooling depends on several factors, such as the ambient temperature, the contents of the freezer, and the frequency of opening and closing. In general, If set to 0°solar freezer can maintain low temperatures for up to 10 hours without direct sunlight but only with the battery.

Is the solar freezer portable and easy to transport?

Absolutely! Our ice-free solar freezer features a compact and lightweight design, making it highly portable. Additionally, it is equipped with a telescopic handle and sturdy wheels for effortless transportation, even on uneven terrain.

What scenarios can the solar freezer be used?

The ice-free portable solar freezer is versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is perfect for camping trips, road trips, picnics, and other outdoor adventures, but it can also serve as a reliable backup for power outages or as an eco-friendly cooling solution for various indoor applications.

Is the solar freezer environmentally friendly?

Yes, our solar freezer is designed with sustainability in mind. By harnessing solar energy, it significantly reduces reliance on traditional energy sources, minimizes carbon emissions, and eliminates the need for ice, reducing waste and environmental impact.

What is the storage capacity of the solar freezer?

Our ice-free portable solar freezer is available in various sizes and storage capacities to cater to different needs. Whether you require a smaller unit for personal use or a larger one for commercial purposes, we have options to suit your requirements.

Is the solar freezer durable and built to last?

Absolutely! Our solar freezer is constructed with high-quality materials and built to withstand outdoor conditions. It is designed for durability, ensuring reliable performance even in rugged environments.

Are there any maintenance requirements for the solar freezer?

Yes, there are some maintenance requirements for a solar freezer to ensure its optimal performance. free from dust and debris, ensuring proper ventilation for the compressor, regularly checking and maintaining the battery charge level, Additionally, it is recommended to have a professional technician inspect and service your solar freezer on a regular basis to prevent any potential issues and extend its lifespan.

Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
Beverly Velsko

We ordered some items from ACOPOWER. They are really good ! ! As good as they are the main thing that is great and wonderful are the people who work there ! ! ! ! We had some questions and they went out of their way to help us. It's a perfect place to order the items you want that they sell ! ! !

Keith Coker

Outstanding customer service. Got back to me by email the next day. a day later I sent a video. two days after that I had a replacement cell coming. Thanks acopower great job!

Todd Sowpel

Excellent customer service for great and innovative products.

Melissa Staso

This company has amazing products. They also have fast and accurate customer service. I needed a replacement part and had it with in 2 days. Leon and Lynn are wonderful to work with!

Diane Owens

Great customer service! All of my questions were answered quickly. I loved having the opportunity to speak with someone. Looking forward to using the cooler in my Rustic Trails Teardrop Camper.