LionCooler X50A Portable Fridge Freezer Cooler, 52 Quart Capacity, Used Like New

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Great Cooler That I Recommend

I have had my X50A for over 4 years now. Still going strong. Can use as a freezer or a fridge. I monitor temp with a bluetooth thermometer. Bought mine before they had an app for that. We love it as an extra fridge in our camper and as a battery operated cooler for trips to Costco and Sams. This has been a very reliable cooler and so glad that I have it.

Jeff Sandfort
So far, so good

I got the X50A two weeks ago. Since it arrived I have been testing it. It’s been below zero to 40 and points in between over and over with no issues. I’ve turned it off (and let warm to room temp) and on (back to 0) several times.

I’m looking forward to taking it into the field this spring and summer.