What is the difference between RA series solar fridge and LiONCooler XA series solar fridge?

ACOPOWER has different generations of solar fridges. The one of 2018 was called RA series and the newest model was called LiONCooler.  

The page for solar fridges is:  https://www.acopower.com/collections/solar-freezer?ref=AWxGQ0I3fomh 

After click and review the product page, we found they have a significant price difference. Then, what is the differences in details between those two generations? Please see below comparisons: 


LiONCooler upgraded

Now you have clear idea which one is the one you want! ACOPOWER has both above 42 Quarts models in stock, place order: 

R40A:  https://www.acopower.com/collections/solar-freezer/products/hy-r40a?ref=AWxGQ0I3fomh 

X40A:  https://www.acopower.com/collections/solar-freezer/products/hy-x40a?ref=AWxGQ0I3fomh 



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